Rakel Vella & 
Jamie Barbara, Emanuel Polidano, Jacob Saliba

Sounds in Space

Sounds in Space is an audio installation that evolves from nine audio samples captured in the cosmos by NASA space explorers. The main object — a rock from Earth — was digitally scanned and regenerated through a generative-design software to assume a new form moulded by the sound pieces of space itself. Slices of this newly generated rock are then projected through a series of surfaces that echo the multitude of parallel universes where the rock could exist in ever-changing probabilities. The audio samples were reworked to create one singular audio production to accompany these visual projections.
The work constructs a tangible experience of cosmic sounds, making use of digital tools to visualise how earthly forms could be affected by vibrations from outer space. In this way the artists want to tune into the understanding of the universe as a synergetic system, where all manifestation is composed of energies and vibrations. All of a sudden, distant worlds or planets could be imagined as soundscapes that can be experienced and in the same manner, possible worlds constructed out of sound itself.

(image credit: Rakel Vella, Jamie Barbara, Emanuel Polidano, Jacob Saliba, Sounds in Space, image courtesy of the artists)

Rakel Vella is currently reading for a Masters in Digital Arts concerning surveillance culture. She finds her interest in multiple forms of media such as visual art, creative coding and interactive installation. Jacob Saliba is doing a Masters in Digital Arts, where his study concerns the physical and virtual divide in mixed reality experiences. Jacob has created visual projections for numerous projects, his latest being a set design for Żfin Malta. Jamie Barbara is a sound artist — his latest work was exhibited during Spring v2.1 at The Mill where a site-specific sound installation called ‘Waveforms’ was created to re-imagine the studio space. He has also assisted multiple artists in the production and execution of exhibitions. Emanuel Polidano is currently working with Viżwali, producing high quality 3D art and architectural visualizations.