Maja Renn

Performative Sessions

(image credit : Maja Renn, Tentacular Dreaming, performative and dreaming session, courtesy of the artist)

In a dream state, a body becomes a body without organs. Boundaries and separations cease to exist. The body traverses infinite rhizomatic landscapes and gets lost in heterotopic labyrinths. Seamlessly it switches perspectives from the observer to one or another of the characters encountered on its way. All characters play multiple roles; lines and tones of their faces morph as they speak. Each interaction connects the dots, drawing a new string figure – a soon independent critter. Every narrative in the dream contains actual and virtual pasts, presents and futures: a living, breathing infinite set of possibilities, an infinite sum of histories.
During TENTACULAR DREAMING Sessions you are invited to enter a dream mode through an embodied, performative process, inhabit an ever-changing, collective dream landscape and propose alternative narratives for a more response-able future.

(image credit : Maja Renn, Tentacular Dreaming, preparatory sketch, courtesy of the artist)

Maja Renn born in 1990 in Wrocław, and based in Zürich, is a visual and performance artist. Her ephemeral, constantly evolving video and performance works are minimalist, modular compositions intertwining movement, drawing, poetry and abstract objects. Playfully they underline, shift and erase boundaries, switch perspectives and set up new entanglements. In her work she is interested in post-antropocentric ethics, embodied dreaming, tentacular thinking, interspecies response-ability and symbiotic modes of coexistence.
Her work has so far been shown, among others, at the Schauspielhaus in Zürich (CH), Galeria Ul in Gdańsk (PL), Šopa Gallery in Košice (SK), Casa do Povo in São Paulo (BR), Showroom in Arnheim (NL), Villa Arson in Nice (FR) and Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi (GE).