Reflecting on human time-scales, alongside the deep time of the universe, this project explores possible inclusive futures via world-building and speculative art practices, while consciously avoiding the replication of colonial models. Ultimately, the project questions what kinds of new worlds can be created and what kind of rules these worlds will have to follow.

Informed by Donna Haraway’s Speculative Fabulations this exhibition looks towards cosmologies and ecosystems for inspirations, answers, and prophecies. Exploring practices that are speculative rather than empirically scientific, it reflects on the limits of human knowledge of our own planet, alongside humankind’s increasing desire to extend itself to neighbouring planets and planetary systems.

In very recent years on the human time-scale, we have witnessed multiple moon landings, frequent image flow from Mars and the neo-colonial ambitions of a small number of billionaires. This project shifts the perspective towards non-privileged humans, nonhumans, biomes and Martian life forms in order to reflect on space colonisation and planetary time.

Looking back through millennia, the project imagines the births and deaths of planets, the creation of the cosmos, the universe, and our home the earth. Looking forward, the project speculates on how other worlds are being explored or created, and questions if space really is humankind’s final frontier.

New and existing works - and the interaction between them - seek a deeper understanding of the origins of humankind in cosmological, geological and evolutionary terms that can serve to develop long-term evolutionary perspectives. Is humankind struggling in its capacity to face up to the existential crises it is facing? What can we learn from other life forms that have lived through similar extinction-threatening events? And will future generations be born into?

The exhibition is curated by

Antje Liemann, Margerita Pulè (Unfinished Art Space) and Letta Shtohryn (Whatdowedonow?)

Website design : Letta Shtohryn
Technical support: Andrew Pace
Catalogue design: Christian Lorenz

Communications : Manuela Zammit

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta